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Haven't you all felt it? 
She was never really gone.

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by 北上の卡酥 (with permission to repost)

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Pretty Little Liars + Urban Dictionary Definitions [insp.]

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Just now, wasn't that the boy who...?

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classic emily

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Citrus Vol 3 | November18th, 2014 |

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I love this moment because you can see how much Emily was afraid to lose Ali again, because Ali was just back to her and in that moment when she saw Ali leaving with Aria and even if was for just a couple of minutes, she was just standing there, petrified with the fear of not seeing Ali again… and then Spencer says to her that Ali would be okay. And this is one of my favorite scenes because you can see in Emily eyes how much Ali is important to her and how much she loves her. Because Emily’s heart  was breaking into a million pieces when Ali was gone the first time, and she was so afraid to lose Ali again..And then, i love the way Ali looks to her as if she saying: “I will go back” don’t worry”.  

This is the kind of love that never goes away and it’s one of the main reasons of why i love Emison so much!

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"Nishiki, keep on living, by yourself…"

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Sorry I’m late, but I got lost. Please accept my regards. 

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Official art cosplay~